Therapist-OMHC in Greenbelt, MD at Volunteers of America Chesapeake and Carolinas, Inc.

Date Posted: 9/9/2020

Career Snapshot

Career Description

Program: Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) at the Hope Center - Priority Staffing of MD-Greenbelt


The Outpatient Mental Health Center (OMHC) at Volunteers of America Chesapeake and Carolinas, Inc. offers care for diverse mental health needs in a clinic and community based setting. VOACC is committed to providing a wide range of services organized within a comprehensive therapeutic environment that includes screening and assessment, diagnostic determination, medication management, individual and family counseling, client advocacy, and referral to community resources. The OMHC provides person-centered, individual, group and family therapy, and medication management services. We offer services for life challenges, substance use issues, behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and persistent mental illness. The OMHC provides services that are age and culturally appropriate and focused on recovery and resiliency.

The goal of the OMHC is to increase the quality of life through the provision of specialized outpatient behavioral health services. The program seeks to:

  • Improve mood and affect in daily living;
  • Improve social, familial, and social adjustment and integration;
  • Reduce the need for a higher level of care.

Outpatient Therapy provides intensive clinical therapeutic services to children adolescents, and adults with identified mental health or substance abuse diagnosis. This service is designed to meet the specific mental health needs of the identified client as they relate to their diagnosis and can be provided in-home, in-office, in-school or other approved/appropriate community setting. Outpatient therapy includes psychoeducational activities/interventions designed to assist the client of the reduction of dysfunction. Services are provided with client-centered and family-centered approaches and are delivered through intensive, time-limited, goal specific interventions.


  • A Masters degree in a Mental Health field (e.g.: Social Work, Psychology, Counseling)
  • Licensure/Certification or Provisional Licensure/Certification Eligible for LGPC, LPC, LMSW, LCSW, LCSW-C
  • Deliver TeleMed services and where critical, deliver essential in-home or in-office services.
  • Provide therapeutic interventions to identified clients in order to enhance and foster the clients optimal functioning and interactions in the home and community.
  • Continually assess client needs, service availability and appropriateness.
  • Work cooperatively with treatment team members and the family in the provision of services to meet the goals developed in the Person Centered Plan.
  • Provide the appropriate documentation for service delivery including treatment goals, progress notes and billing and submit documentation as specified by Medicaid and VOACC standard
  • Counsels individuals or groups regarding psychological or emotional problems, such as stress, substance abuse, or family situations, using evaluative techniques, and develops and implements therapeutic treatment plan
  • Interviews patient to obtain information concerning medical history or other pertinent information.
  • Observes client to detect indications of abnormal physical or mental behavior.

Compensation will be based on experience