Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional in Greenbelt, MD at Volunteers of America Chesapeake and Carolinas, Inc.

Date Posted: 9/20/2020

Career Snapshot

Career Description

The Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (Clinical Coordinator) reports to the Director of Operations, DC-IDD/ICF or designee and is responsible for the coordination of all clinical services, to include but not limited to: Person-Center Plans, medical appointments, assessments and consultations, new admissions, Behavioral Support Services, Quarterly progress reports, monitoring reports required by community services boards and quality of data collection contained in clinical records. All services are to be provided in a manner consistent with Volunteers of America Chesapeake values, mission, principles and in accordance their policies, procedures, and practices as well as state licensing standards.



  • Bachelors degree in a human services field.
  • Min (1) year of experience working with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • Ability to Participate in weekend on-call rotation
  • Must have a current CPR/First Aid Certification and maintained once employed
  • Attend training activities, meetings and routine supervision with the Director of Operations.
  • Excellent Computer Skills in Microsoft Office and office products.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proven ability to for conflict resolutions.
  • Bilingual in any language a plus.
    Physical Plant and Safety
  • Ensure the interior and exterior of each program site is maintained in a safe, clean, orderly, attractive, and sanitary manner and be free of accumulation of dirt, rubbish, and objectionable odors.
  • Identify any environmental risk issues and work cooperatively with Residential Coordinator (RC).
  • Work Cooperatively with Residential Coordinators (RC’s) to ensure all residential program environments are clean, safe and free of hazards.  This includes direct involvement in the resolution of maintenance concerns
  • Complete monthly environmental inspections/reviews as outlined in VOACC Quality Assurance Plan.


  • Assist in recruiting and hiring RC’s and staffing homes in accordance with budgeting and licensing guidelines.
  • Schedule initial and on-going training and notify attendees of specifics, help monitor expiration dates of key trainings.
  • Maintain an orderly documentation system of all trainings and in-services provided to staff supplemented by an electronic database and/or spreadsheet
  • Ensure that RC’s and Direct Support Professionals are trained on Individual Service Plans
  • Address performance issues in accordance with organizational policy
  • Implement employee recognition efforts
  • Serve as a mentor to staff and individuals receiving services
  • Promote the feeling of trust, dependability and stable work environments to enhance staff morale and productivity.
  • Provide direct support and supervision to all staff who work with individuals
    Training of Residential Coordinators and DSPs
  • Ensure that RCs and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are trained on Persons Support plans and goals by assisting with the development of competency based trainings and examinations.
  • Serve as a mentor/role model to staff and persons receiving services.
  • Promote the feeling of trust, dependability, and stable work environment to encourage staff productivity.
  • Conduct and participate in training that teaches best practice models and evidence based outcomes.
  • Ensure each direct support staff that works with the persons supported receives person specific training on all current documents, information and required supports relevant to the service being provided.
  • Ensure appropriate training is made available to the day service provider as needed.
  • Train staff on consistent monitoring and reporting of adaptive equipment issues.
  • Assist Program Director as assigned to plan and conduct new hire orientation sessions
    Design and Development of Person Center Thinking/Practices­­­
  • Collect and review all necessary information, assessments and reports to support development of individualized person-centered plans. Ensure all clinical documentation and other information is gathered and is in place within designated time frames.
  • Coordinate entire clinical component of services provision including monthly and quarterly reports, updates to personal information such as face sheets, medications, demographic information, significant contacts; updates are made in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure Person Centered Plans meet the hopes, dreams, aspirations and capabilities of the supported persons and focuses on individualized outcome achievements
  • Participate in the Person-Centered Plan Team for persons supported.
  • Ensure progress is being documented on the goals/objectives that are outlined in the ISP, as well as any goals/objectives being implemented by the Direct Support Professionals.
  • Ensure quarterly report contain the required information as identified in current standards set forth in the waiver rule Records and Confidentiality of Information 1909.
  • Ensure quarterly reports written, distributed and uploaded in MCIS as outlined in Waiver Rule Reporting Requirements 29-1908.1.
  • Ensure services are being provided in accordance with the waiver prior authorization agreement and in accordance with the persons ISP.
  • Ensure all clinical therapy (Nutrition, Speech, PT, OT etc.) assessments and quarterlies are completed timely and recommendations are being implemented as written.
  • Coordinate the monitoring and reporting of the condition of persons adaptive equipment.
  • Coordinate with external entities to maintain program excellence
  • Link persons supported to services and resources
    Medical and Health Services
  • Audit MAR weekly for quality and appropriate medication dispensing.
  • Complete medication error reports as necessary.
  • Ensure specialized support elements are in place including such items as mobility devices, assistive technology devices, vision/hearing, dental devices are available at all times and are in good working order.
  • Ensure all assessments related to medical and health issues are completed and current.
  • Timely review medical consultation reports and recommendations/appointments are completed in a timely manner.
  • Inform and maintain communication with service coordinators, families, on issues related to general medical concerns, illnesses, injuries and incidents.
    Nutrition, Healthy Living, and Positive Self Image
  • Work cooperatively with RC to ensure persons supported are experiencing good nutrition, healthy living, and a positive self-image.
  • Ensure that persons supported have choice with regard to nutrition and associated health activities.
    Community Connections and Celebrations
  • Responsible for the design and development of opportunities of community integration, particularly those corresponding with person centered goals.
  • Continuously work to connect people in their community
  • Recognize formally and informally the achievements of persons with meaningful age appropriate celebrations.
  • Assist persons supported in celebrating birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.
  • Display positive image at all times -- within and outside of organization
  • Establish effective communication efforts to persons, families, staff through conversations and routine meetings.
  • Ensure staff speaks in a positive manner using positive language which respects the supported persons.
  • Maintain positive relationships with persons, staff, families, guardians and provide information on progress on a regular basis.
  • Review communication logs to remain current regarding the program.
  • Communicate pro-actively with day programs and other contractual services
  • Practice active listening skills
  • Uses multiple forms of communication to reinforce understanding phone, e-mail, fax, written formats, face-to-face interactions
    Financial Services
  • Ensures benefit/entitlement programs are maximized and remain intact with requirements present Medicaid, Medicare, etc.
  • Manage financial accounts in collaboration with the Administrative Assistant.
  • Ensure all billing census sheets are accurate/reflect all elements within the Persons Support plan and are submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Support persons in learning how to budget their finances
    Records Safety, Security, and Confidentiality (Qualitative Approach)
  • Conduct monthly Quality Assurance audit as outlined in VOAC Quality Assurance Plan to effectively evaluate the quality of services delivered and initiates change when warranted.
  • Ensure information within the records is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ensure all staff observes principles of confidentiality and HIPAA.
  • Ensure that the persons clinical record meets all compliance standards.
    Behavioral Programming Development Assistance/Data Interpretation
  • Support the development of Individualized behavioral support services
  • Ensure data collection is reviewed and interpreted.
  • Complete all action steps of Behavior Support Plan in MCIS to ensure approval by the DDS RCRC.
  • Understands that behavior is communication and work to improve persons communication efforts
  • Assist in training staff on proper behavioral interventions and documentation where necessary
    Rights, Respect, Persons Advocacy
  • Demonstrate and encourage respectful interactions at all times
  • Participate as needed in providing documents for Human Rights Committees, serves as the primary contact to the LHRC/HRC/BMC/Incident Management Coordinator/Incident Review Committee and provide all relevant clinical information
  • Ensure rights are protected and maximized, and rights restrictions are minimized
  • Facilitates advocacy efforts for people they support
    Incident Reporting
  • Ensure accurate and timely incident reporting and cooperation with all investigations both internal and external
  • Work with staff to understand their roles as mentors, teachers, companions
  • Provides all necessary information to the Incident Review Committee/Incident Management Coordinator
    Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation Prevention
  • Assist staff in understanding their role as mandated reporters
  • Consistently monitors environments for abuse and neglect indicators
  • Support persons in learning strategies to increase their personal safety
  • Complete an annual Abuse, Neglect risk assessment, as well as develop an Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation prevention plan.
  • Ensure every staff person involved in the persons care is trained on the Prevention Plan/actions to take to protect persons supported from abuse, neglect and exploitation.
    Licensing/Monitoring/Funding/Accreditation Compliance
  • Ensure all regulations are in compliance with organizational and state standards
  • Ensure staff are familiar with organizational and state standards. Works cooperatively with Community Services Boards and other agencies placing persons in our programs. Works in collaboration with Program Director to respond to internal and external plans of correction; Assist Director in obtaining required documentation and follow up to ensure timely responses to regulatory entities.
  1. To ensure needs of the client as identified by the IDT are met and client sanitation is achieved.
  2. To ensure that the program is operated in compliance with the contract scope of work. Volunteers of America Chesapeakes policies and procedures and licensing and Medicaid Waiver regulations.
  3. Persons will be supported in being participatory members of their community according to their interests.
  4. Specific work schedules for Clinical Coordinators (CC) are determined by the needs of the persons supported in the various program sites. Schedules must be flexible in efforts to meet the various clinical demands of the position. CCs will design their schedules in advance and with approval from the Program Director. All schedules will be designed within the context of appropriate supervision.


The physical requirements described below are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential duties of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable persons with disabilities to perform the essential duties.

  • The ability to safely operate a motor vehicle to transport oneself, consumers, and program supplies as necessary.
  • The physical ability to travel to assigned locations, stand, stoop, bend, reach, pull, push, lift, grasp, climb, talk, see, hear and perform basic and light home maintenance activities, and operate office equipment.
  • Move and lift light objects up to 30 pounds such as mail, supplies, files, and equipment.
  • Operating office equipment requiring continuous or repetitive hand/arm movements.
  • The ability to remain in a sitting position for extended periods of time.
    Bachelor’s degree in a Human Service related field.  Two years post graduate work experience providing services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Two years previous supervisory management experience.  Working knowledge of federal, state and local regulations. QIDP in ICF/MR or Waiver residential settings preferred. 
    Preference may be given to applicants with specific experience in the District of Columbia and experience working with Evans Court Monitors, Quality Trust, University Legal Services, District of Columbia Health Care Finance, DC Department of Health and DDA. This person must oversee compliance with multiple regulatory bodies and have superb communication and collaborative skills.  Must maintain all mandatory training activities and records.
    Work schedules for QIDP’s are determined by the needs of the individuals served in the program. Schedule requires flexibility.  Schedules will be designed in advance and with approval from the Sr. Program Director, Director of Operations, and/or Vice President. Standard work schedule is 40 hours per week. Participation in the weekend on call rotation is expected.
    Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.